Filipino Dating – Busting Even More Myths About Online Asian Dating

Are you a bit old fashioned and believe that dating a Filipino girl online is only for internet geeks? Times have changed since the late 1990s when internet dating was only mentioned in hushed tones. With live steaming chat, webcams and cheap international flight, dating a woman from another country is considered mainstream today. But if you are still set in your old ways, lets see if we can bust through a few of the old dating myths.

Myth: Online Dating Is Not Safe

Fact: Compared to what? Compared to sitting at home doing nothing, then yes it is not as safe. But compared to going to a club? With alcohol fueled violence at 3 a.m., drink spiking and a drug culture, do you honestly feel safer on the dance floor or at the bar? The internet is where you have total control over getting to know someone. Yes, there are some predators out there. But they are looking for the quick hookup and don’t want to invest time in getting to know you. If you take things at your own pace, you can create a genuine connection with a real person before even meeting them.

Myth: Online Dating Is Too Expensive

Fact: First, lets take a look at how much it would take to date a single women you just met at a club. Cost of getting into the club and buying drinks – $50 to $100. Calling her and inviting her out to a movie – $50. Calling her and inviting her out to dinner – $60 to $100. Taking her to the beach – $30 for gas and lunch. Starting ONE relationship is not cheap – think about how much this adds up over a year if you dated 10 women?. Getting online and contacting the same number of women however will cost you the same as just one of your local dates. And when you want to go visit her, take some time off and get on a plane. Traveling to Asia is dirt cheap and you get a fantastic holiday at the same time you get to meet her. Even with the cost of your trip, you are still likely to come out ahead financially compared to dating over the course of a year.

Myth: Online Dating Is Too Impersonal

Fact: Ten years ago you were right. Today though we have Skype, fast internet connections and webcams. You can literally hold a ‘face to face’ conversation for free or call her and chat over VOIP for the cost of a local call.