Indian Clothing: Fashion Industry

From the famous Victoria’s Secret lingerie fashion shows to the glamour and elegance of bridal wear fashion, we all admire and wish to attend these prestigious events. These shows, composed of slender gorgeous models, catwalks and tons of press and media outlets are luxury what the designers love and use to spread the word about their new collections. Today the fashion industry revolves mostly around American and European designers but slowly other styles begin to make an appearance in the mix.

So the question is, who are the designers and what are the tendencies in the Indian fashion industry today. To many peoples surprise, in the past decade, many have seen a wonderful development in the Indian fashion industry. Designers in India and all over the world have helped spread their elegant sarees, lehengha choli, and a variety of clothing styles seen in India to much of the new world. Now consumers all over India and even markets in western society can admire the glamour and beauty of Indian fashion. If international broadcasting is not available at your home, one can appreciate the fashion shows organized by these designers all over the web.

This large movement and change in the landscape of Indian fashion can be attributed to the rise of many designers in the past decades. India can now be proud of dozens of Indian clothing fashion designers, who with their skills and the wonderful fabrics used in India, create designs that are admired even by top designers in the world. Some of the names in the Indian clothing fashion industry include Manish malhotra Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Hemant Trivedi and many more. More often a fashion show is an event that is organized by a designer with the purpose of diffusing his new collection to the press and other media outlets, but in some cases we have seen Indian designers making it a personal goal to revive the old fashion traditions and grandiose fabrics used in their country.

Fashion shows all over Indian and some in western cultures get the privilege of seeing the most desired, exclusive designs in the clothing industry. These shows display a rich collection of Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengha Cholis and many more of the wide array of clothing India has to offer.